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Follow these home staging guidelines to add significant value to the sale of your home in Kemah, while adding little to nothing in cost. 1st Texas Realtors in Kemah provides expert staging guidelines on homes for sale in Kemah, Texas.

Less is more!

  1. View your home from the street curb or across the street, take note of anything unusual, such as loose artifacts, overgrown hedges, or dead branches, and remove them from the property. The city schedules free bi-annual brush and bulk item pickups, watch for their announcements in your neighborhood.
  2. If you are living in the home during the sale, you want to remove all clutter and organize the remaining items. The Container store has many affordable storage solutions great for between home sale and time of move. Items such as newspapers, mail and laundry should be out of sight.
  3. Remove a portion of your furniture and the rooms will look larger. It’s no longer about functionality, we want to create the perception of larger by reducing the amount of contents. Try to remove up to half of all furniture from each room in the house and outside living areas. The remaining furniture should highlight the best feature of each room.
  4. Next up, remove appliances big and small; toasters in the kitchen, tablets and iPads on the coffee table. Even accessories you use on a regular basis should be put away daily. If you can squeeze the coffee pot into the closet, do it! More space on the counters makes the counter space look bigger.
  5. Bring out the neat freak in you! Straighten the pictures and rugs, arrange the blinds the same way in every room, wash the walls with warm water, towels  and laundry detergent. Touch up paint over all scratches on the walls. Each and every step adds incremental value to the sale of your home.
  6. Maximize the light in every room. Open blinds and curtains. If in unused rooms, remove curtains altogether. Clear branches from the exterior that block important views of the front or back yard.
  7. Pressure wash your home, sidewalks and driveway. Renting a pressure washer in Kemah for one day can be less than $60 in Kemah, and the difference can be dramatic!
  8. Bathrooms should be treated the same, remove from view as many items as possible, organize the remaining items. Make sure to keep it very clean.
  9. Is professional staging best for you? Sometimes home sales in Kemah can be boosted by professional staging including rented furniture, lamps, art work and other house hold items to improve the look and feel of the inside.
  10. Remove personal associations, if you are a Red Sox fan and selling the home to a Yankee’s fan, you might not get the best price possible. Put the sports fan material away. It’s simply best to avoid all statements of influence including religion, political, weapons and even family photos. Our intention again is to produce an ability for the buyer to visualize themselves in the home.
  11. If you do spend money, the front door should be considered first for replacement, and on the inside, the foyer or entry way is of second importance. These two areas of the home play a big influence in buyer perception.
  12. Closets should be half full, same principles as before apply here, make them look bigger by having less contents inside.
  13. For the bedrooms, I recommend a bed, nightstand and dresser only. Push all furniture items together in one area, and provide clear walking space.


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